The nodes r[1001-1072,1179-1250] have been decommissioned closed

We would like to inform you about the decommissioning of the Irham nodes r[1001-1072,1179-1250] in Rackham. In 2021, the NGI HPC system Irma was replaced by Miarka, freeing up Irma nodes. In later part of 2021 a research group expressed interest in integrating Irma nodes into Rackham and provided the necessary funding until 2024. The compute node extension became r[1001-1072,1179-1250] and was integrated in Rackham in 2022 and informally received the nickname Irham.

In 2024, Rackham users outside of Uppsala University will need to move to Dardel at PDC , and users from Uppsala University will, in addition to Dardel, have the option to migrate to an upcoming UPPMAX system later this year.

Best regards, UPPMAX Support