Issues with DNS closed

Update 2024-01-11 15:00

This issues has been resolved.

We are currently experiencing issues with one of our DNS resolvers, resulting in various errors like those reported by Slurm. We apologize for any inconvenience and are actively investigating the cause.

[rackham5:]$ interactive -p core -n 1 -t 10:00 -A staff
You receive the high interactive priority.

Please, use no more than 6.4 GB of RAM.

salloc: error: get_addr_info: getaddrinfo() failed: Name or service not known
salloc: error: slurm_set_addr: Unable to resolve "rackham-q"
salloc: error: Unable to establish control machine address
salloc: error: Job submit/allocate failed: No such process

Best regards, UPPMAX Support