Please report if you see issues with Rackham project storage system closed

We are again investigating reports of degraded performance of the project storage system (“Crex”) on Rackham and Snowy. This is likely related to the problems reported earlier this week.

Commands such as “ls” or “ll” take a long time to complete, and in some cases they cannot read files. So far the problem is hard to be reproduced consistently but we are working on it together with the vendor.

It is only the filesystem that houses the projects directories that is affected. E.g. files under /proj are affected but not files under /home. Home directories are thus not affected and users should be able to login and access their files there. GUI programs like MobaXTerm and WinSCP will be slow or even crash when their connection is set up to access project directories.

Update 2019-09-09 16:00

As far as we can tell, things have been working as expected for a week now. If you still see any issues, be sure to let us know.