Rackham extension closed

Rackham is finally being extended both with extra storage and compute nodes. The extension started on Wednesday morning, 2018-04-11 and will take several working days to complete. Updates regarding the extension will be posted here.

Final ticket report

We’ve made data available from it’s new location and started the queues on rackham so jobs are running.

Update 2018-04-18

Data moving is still ongoing but we still expect rackham/crex to be available some time tonight.

Update 2018-04-17

We are still moving data but currently expect crex to be available tomorrow.

Update 2018-04-16

We are still moving data to the permanent file system on the new drives (in new enclosures). We have also done certain verification tests on the replaced drives.

Update 2018-04-12

The extension has moved along today according to plan. The vendor has replaced the old 6 TB disks with larger 10 TB disks, and the system is now working on moving the data back to use both parts of the filesystem.

Update 2018-04-11

Today the extension began. Our vendor started the physical installation of building racks, pulling cables, and reconfiguring the Infiniband network. The physical installation is expected to be completed tomorrow, and we will then begin to intergrate it with the rest of UPPMAX.