April maintenance window closed

The service on Wednesday 11th of April is larger than normal due to the storage extension on Rackham and a software update on Castor (Bianca`s storage system). On Rackham the storage system Crex will be taken offline to allow our storage provider DDN to safely connect and configure the storage extension. We expect Rackham to be unavailable at least until Monday next week. On Bianca, all clusters will be shutdown during the software update on Castor. All systems will get security and bug fix updates. This article will be updated at 09:00, 12:00 and 16:00.

Final ticket report

Bianca and Castor, Grus, Dis, Irma, Milou completed. The Rackham and Crex extension is ongoing and you can follow the progress here Rackham extension.

Update 2018-04-11 16:45

We apologize for a 45 minute delay of our 16:00 update. The status.uppmax.uu.se webserver is located at UU, and central UU is having network issues.

We have now completed the update of Bianca, Dis, Irma and Milou (and Grus earlier today). The Rackham extension is still ongoing but good progress was made today. The ‘physical’ installation is expected to be completed tomorrow and we will then proceed to configure the filesystems. As the Rackham extension affects many users, we have decided to create a separate news item for the extension where we will continue to post updates. You can find it here Rackham extension.

Update 2018-04-11 12:00

Service in progress. The storage extension on Rackham is moving along as expected. System updates on Irma and Milou is rolled out automatically. All clusters on Bianca have been shutdown and we have started to update the storage system Castor. We noticed a few login attempts to Bianca during the shutdown progress and if you got disconnected it was because of this. Maintenance on Grus has been completed.

Update 2018-04-11 09:00

Service starts. The login nodes on Rackham will remain open but you will not be able to start new jobs. You will not have access to your project data or to the software under /sw.