Rackham/Crex - Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown closed

We have received reports of /proj filesystem issues originating from Rackham. The problem may manifest as a ‘Cannot send after transport endpoint’ error when attempting to list files:

ls: cannot access /proj/snicXXX/nobackup/directory/subdirectory/file.bed: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown

Currently, we have only been able to replicate the issue on the login server rackham1.uppmax.uu.se. To address this, we will be rebooting the server at 10:45 CET. If you encounter this problem on other nodes, please notify us promptly at support@uppmax.uu.se.

Update 2023-12-06

This issues was fixed with the restart of rackham1. We have no addition observations of this issue and we conclude that this likely a problem on rackham1.