UPPMAX cloud near max allocation of floating IPs open

The UPPMAX cloud has 500 total number of floating IPs (FIPs). UPPMAX is not able to easily extend the FIP pool. When the limit is reached cloud users will not be able to allocate new FIPs to your project - even if you are far away the project quota. VMs will not be accessible directly by the FIP.


Disassociate FIP from inactive VMs or remove the VMs if no longer used

To release a FIP you need to either disassociate the FIP from the VM (leaving the VM intact) or, if you no longer have any use for it, destroy the VM. It is not enough to power off the VM with a FIP - the FIP will remain assigned.

In most cases a single FIP is enough

Technically, a single (1) FIP per project, group or student should be enough. If you need more than one VM make sure all VMs connect to the same internal network. You should then be able to use the VM with IP as a jump host, and ssh from that VM to the other VMs. If you are using a configuration tool such as ansible to customize your VMs, look through the documentation for using a proxy host. If you are setting up a cluster you can install a reverse proxy such as haproxy on the public VM and forward traffic to services running on the internal network.

Please refrain from allocating 1 FIP per VM out of convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact the support at support@uppmax.uu.se.

UPPMAX Support