September maintenance window closed

The service on Wednesday 5th of September starts at 08:50 (10 min earlier than normal). The service window affects all systems in various degrees. For Irma and Bianca the queues will not be stopped, but you might lose access as we will update and reboot the login services. The queues on Rackham will be stopped as we update the home directory storage system Domus and project storage system Crex. The UPPMAX Cloud will receive important security fixes, and might become temporarily unavailable several times during the day. If you experience strange things today during your work on UPPMAX, please assume that it is related to service window and hold off contacting the support. If the problems remain after the service window has been closed you are of course welcome to contact us at

Update 2018-09-05 17:00

Maintenance completed.

Update 2018-09-05 15:00

Maintenance complete for Rackham and the queues are open again. Maintenance ongoing for the UPPMAX Cloud and Bianca. Irma has rolling updates, and should be available.

Update 2018-09-05 12:00

Maintenance is proceeding and going well for all systems. Domus, the home directory storage system for Rackham has been succesfully updated. We are now waiting for maintenance of Crex to complete before Rackham is brought back online.

Update 2018-09-05 08:50

Service starts. Rackham login nodes will be rebooted.