File quota on home directories closed

With our new solution for home directories, we have now implemented file quotas on home directories. In the future there will be a quota of 100 000 inodes (files/folders) in your home directories.

For users above this limit we have set the quota to the current number of used files+1000. There will be separate mails to these users about a cut off date in the autumn when these exceptions will be removed.

On Rackham you can use uquota to view your inode count.

$ uquota -f
Your File Area                  Usage (nb of files)        Quota Limit
--------------                  -------------------        -----------
/home/lni                                        15             300000

We are working on implementing this on Irma and Bianca too.

Update 2018-07-02 12:00

We have temporarily increased the inode quota to 300 000 files during the summer. This limit might get adjusted (lowered) in the fall again. The byte limit of 32GB is unaffected by this change.