Rackham uses a new home directory system closed

During the service window on June 13th and 14th we (among other things) replaced the old home directory system (“Pica”) with a new storage system (“Domus”). The change only affects users of Rackham since the Irma and Bianca clusters use their own storage system. For the large majority of users the change was (hopefully) unnoticeable as we simply transferred your whole home directory to the new system while Rackham was down. A few users however with a home directory larger than the permitted 32GB was not migrated to Domus, and will now find your home directory empty. This has been communicated in emails and System News. Please see instructions below how to retrieve your old data.

If your home directory is empty

Your old home was larger than the permitted 32GB and was not migrated to the new storage system. Note that you will NOT be able to store more than 32GB in your new home directory.

  1. Login to rackham.uppmax.uu.se
  2. You will find a READ-ONLY copy of your old home at /old_home.
    $ cd /old_home/<username>
  3. Copy your code, documents and smaller files to your home.
    $ pwd
    $ cp -r my_scripts ~
  4. Copy project specific data to your /proj/* directory instead
    $ pwd
    $ cp -r data /proj/snic2018123-4-56/

For questions please contact support@uppmax.uu.se

Update 2018-08-06

Pica should have been shut off before the summer, but it’s finally happening.

If you need something specific from your old home directory, send a request to support@uppmax.uu.se (remember to let us know what files you need).